CNIDC Intel Status

This Data was last updated on: 19-Jul-2024 8:27:48
Great Basin: 4
National: 5
WildCAD Dispatch Levels
Quinn: M
Humboldt: M
Toiyabe: M
Mojave: M
Adjective Fire Danger Rating
Quinn: Very High
Humboldt: Very High
Toiyabe: Very High
Mojave: Very High
Staffing Level
North: 3
South: 3
Weather Observations
Winnemucca District
Zone 437LAL 1 Haines Index 6
Zone 424LAL 2 Haines Index 6
Zone 423LAL 1 Haines Index 4/5
Zone 458LAL 1 Haines Index 4/5
Battle Mountain District
Zone 424LAL 2 Haines Index 6
Zone 427LAL 4 Haines Index 5
Zone 426LAL 4 Haines Index 5
Zone 460LAL 3 Haines Index 5
Observed Fire Danger Rating Area Indices
Energy Release
Indices for 18-Jul-2024
Quinn FDRA 70.6 5.4 75.3 47.8
Humboldt FDRA 71 4.7 77.9 45.5
Toiyabe FDRA 51.5 182.1 85.9 254.7
Mojave FDRA 46 14.6 139.4 99.3

CNIDC Year to Date Fire Statistics

Agency Number of Fires
by protection
Acres Burned
by ownership
Human Lightning Total Fires Human Lightning Total Acres
Battle Mtn District 5 7 12 1.16    42.97    44.13   
Winnemucca District 11 3 14 17,158.77    0.83    17,159.60   
Western Nevada Agency 0 0 0 0.00    0.00    0.00   
Austin-Tonopah RD 0 6 6 0.00    89.30    89.30   
Santa Rosa RD 0 0 0 0.00    0.00    0.00   
CNCI Private 26 0 26 331.80    0.00    331.80   
State 0 0 0 0.00    0.00    0.00   
Bureau of Land Management 16 10 26 17,159.93    43.80    17,203.73   
Bureau of Indian Affairs 0 0 0 0.00    0.00    0.00   
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest 0 6 6 0.00    89.30    89.30   
CNCI Private 26 0 26 331.80    0.00    331.80   
State 0 0 0 0.00    0.00    0.00   
CNIDC Totals 42 16 58 17,491.73    133.10    17,624.83   
Updated 19-Jul-2024 8:32:08

Agency Duty Officers
Agency Name Phone
CNIDCLisa Walker775.304.1999
WID/Santa Rosa HTFAnthony Perez775.625.3055
BMDChad Holbert775.635.9196
Austin-Tonopah HTFBill Panagopoulos775-293-3012
NDFAlan Parkin775.684.2540
WID READEllen Brecke775.625.0749
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 8:29:58

CNIDC Daily Staffing
623-1555 or 623-3444
Position Name
Center ManagerLisa
Floor SupervisorFrank
BMD I/AJaycee
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 8:32:27

Resource Status

Winnemucca District - Station 21
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 16:31:06
Resource Type Status Out Location Leader Crew Members Remarks
BC-2121ICT3On2Station 21J. Speer 
BC-2122TFLDOn1Station 21A. Lee 
E-2308ENG T3UDO Station 21E.CooperC. Magee
W. Kracaw
E-2309ENG T3On5Station 21S. PaceN. Bentley
T. Bachman
E-2412ENG T4On4Station 21C. CrowleyB. Tyree
J. Grasmick
E-2413ENG T4On2Station 21L. BernardiK. Stoker
T. Corak
E-2315ENG T3On1Station 21T. TaylorB. Holt
M. Frith
B-9ENG T3On3Station 21M. Worcester ENGB- Mike Worcester 303-908-3324 (LWD 7/27)
E-2616ENG T6On Station 21J. CainM. Hernandez
DZ-2817Dozer Type 2On1Station 21R. ChandlerM.Brickner
W/ Utility 1 Staffing M.Brickner
DZ-2818Dozer Type 2On2Station 21J. RosoffM. Arenas
W/Utility 2 Staffing M.Arenas
DZ-2819Dozer Type 2On3Station 21D. Snyder 
WT-2918Support Type 2On1Station 21D. Messmer 
WT-2923Support Type 2Off Station 21R. Berry 
Owen WTSupport Type 2On2Station 21R. Owen Robert Owen - 775-304-3461 (LWD 8/4)
McDermitt - Station 22
Updated: 18-Jul-2024 9:42:58
No Resources
Lovelock - Station 23
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 11:31:13
Resource Type Status Out Location Leader Crew Members Remarks
BC-2123ICT3C WA-OWFE. Nolan 
E-2314ENG T3Off Station 23J. Rygh
L. Oberman
E-2431ENG T4On1Station 23T. DockeryD. Nicholas
J. Clark
Trail Blazers #8ENG T4On2Station 23Colin C: 360-808-1739
Paradise Valley - Station 24
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 16:00:58
Resource Type Status Out Location Leader Crew Members Remarks
E-2422ENG T4On1Station 24M. WardA. Villones
F. Cholico
T. Poole
Moving to cover Station 22 at 1600.
E-311ENG T3On2Station 24F. Deffer Smokin Ridge - Fred Deffer 208-899-3490
Gerlach - Station 25
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 7:48:32
Resource Type Status Out Location Leader Crew Members Remarks
E-2311ENG T3On1Station 25J. BrownR. Dawson
R. Shaw
Contact: 775-421-6649
Rose Creek - Station 51
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 16:30:48
Resource Type Status Out Location Leader Crew Members Remarks
Rose Creek HandcrewType 2ADO Station 51K. SmithD. Herrera
G. Beck
J. Lee
M. Fitgerald
N. Moles
Battle Mountain District - Station 61
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 15:40:04
Resource Type Status Out Location Leader Crew Members Remarks
DV-6101ICT3On1Station 61A Bertelson 
BC-6107ICT3C Lonely fireB.HansenJ. Eidson
LWD 7-25 Cell# 702-715-7915, LP I624129.
BC-6105ICT3Off Station 61C. Fox 
E-6311ENG T3UDO Station 61G. RoseB. Adams
C. Sherwood
D. Deakin
S. Wall
E-6412ENG T4On3Station 61E.PetersonC. Sherwood
K. Eidson
ENGB E.Peterson 541-305-3353
E-6610ENG T6On2Station 61J. InskeepC. Curtis
E. Butler
J. Thomas
J. Zimmerman
S. Crosby
LWD 7-30 J. Inkseep 406-600-1350
E-654ENG T6On1Station 61E. CunninghamB.Ortega
LWD 7-26 ENGB E.Cunningham 907-598-9966
NVTF 2.0MISCOn Station 61S.Puryear LWD 8-2 Puryear 775-721-2636
DZ-6814Dozer Type 2C Nevada TaskforceR. HilsmannM. Fischer
DZ-6816Dozer Type 2On1Station 61G. Rose 
WT-6913Support Type 2C Lonely fireJ. Moylan 
Eureka - Station 62
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 10:06:52
Resource Type Status Out Location Leader Crew Members Remarks
E-1448ENG T4On1Station 62C. SmithC. Hutchison
C. Smith
J. Gillette
M. Grajeda
LWD 7-31 K. Coonie 575-973-2622
E-6621ENG T6UDO Station 62J. FredericksK. Peterson
S. Jimenez
W. Bisbee
Cell : 775-385-3929
E-6422ENG T4UDO Station 62G. McFarlane 775-340-8655
Austin - Station 63
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 8:48:51
Resource Type Status Out Location Leader Crew Members Remarks
INV, ICT3ICT3C AssignmentL. Kemper Honor Guard
DIV 9FMOOn ElyB. Panagopoulos (775) 293-3012
PT791ENG T7U ElyNone Unstaffed
E391ENG T3C Battle MountainKr. JacksonE. Vondrak
J. Doyharzabal
K. Teel
Ko. Jackson
Kr. Jackson
S. Swainston
W/ Nevada Taskforce 936-240-2208
PT731ENG T7U Carson RDNone Assigned to Carson RD
Arc Dome WFMType 2C VegasB. HarwoodE. White
H. Jones
J. LeMar
J. Toryinen
M. Thomas
M. Thursten
R. Soulier
S. Murtagh
Wheeler Fire 775-296-0769
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 10:17:41
Resource Type Status Location Leader Remarks
DV 2103Base ManagerOnWMCS. Myers
6163Base ManagerOnBAMB. Johnson
MadillBase ManagerOnBAMR. Madill

Overhead on Off-District Assignment

Identifier District Position Dep. Date Incident Unit Est. Return Date
AD-Pennington (O-2)BMDEDSP7/7/24BabylonUT-MLF7/26/24
AD-Whalen (O-41)WIDGSUL7/2/242024 Norther Region PrepoAK-NRS7/25/24
AD-Frederick (O-8.92)BMDTIME7/6/24Silver KingUT-FIF7/22/24
AD-Cooper (O-6.28)WIDSPUL7/13/24Graff PointUT-CDC7/23/24
2710 (O-3)WIDEDSDt7/8/242024 NSO BLM Nat'l SeverityNV-CCD7/24/24
BC-6105 (O-305.5)BMDOSC37/9/24BasinCA-SICC7/25/24
Cpt 215 (O-305.16)WIDTFLD7/9/24BasinCA-SICC7/25/24
2106 (O-305.1)WIDICT37/9/24BasinCA-SICC7/25/24
2135 (O-330)WIDREAF7/13/24BASINCA-SICC7/29/24
4603 (O-2)EICTFLD7/13/242024 NDF EManning SupportCA-SNF7/29/24
4606 (O-1)EICCRWB7/13/242024 NDF EManning SupportCA-SNF7/29/24
2272 (O-37)WIDRADO7/13/24Bench Lake ID-SCC7/29/24
Cpt 611 (O-3)BMDTFLD7/15/24LonleyNV-SFC7/31/24
AD-Loda (O-9.36)WIDFBAN7/15/24SpeirsUT-UBC7/31/24
2514 (O-6)WIDEDSD7/16/24LeachNV-EKD8/01/24
2104 (O-103)WIDTFLD7/16/24Bench LakeID-STF8/01/24
BC2123 (O-2.11)WIDICT37/17/242024 GACC PrepositionWA-OWF8/2/24
2000 (O-195)WIDAADM7/18/24Silver KingUT-FIF8/3/24
2703 (O-25)WIDINTS7/18/242024 NICC SupportID-NIC8/3/24
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 8:58:11

Agency Equipment on Off-District Assignment

Identifier District Type Dep. Date Incident Unit Est. Return Date
PUP1 - GSA Rental (E-254)WID7/9/24BasinCA-SICC7/25/24
PUP1 - BC6105 I623685 (E-249)BMD7/9/24BasinCA-SICC7/25/24
PUP1 - PT2106 I624109 (E-253)WID7/9/24BasinCA-SICC7/25/24
PUP1- REESE 1 I621908 (E-12)BMD7/12/24Bench LakeID-SCC7/28/24
PUP1-FUELS 6 G632771X (E-256)WID7/13/24BASINCA-SICC7/29/24
WT-6913 (E-3)BMD7/15/24LonelyNV-CCD7/31/24
PUP1 - FUELS 2 I623299 (E-85)WID7/16/24Bench LakeID-STF8/01/24
PUP1 - BC 2123 I621534 (E-6)WID7/17/24LonelyNV-SFC8/2/24
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 9:07:50

Contract Equipment on Assignment

Name Type Date Fire Name Unit
Idaho Trailblazers 8070 (E-29)47/12/242024 ONC StagingCA-ONCC
Idaho Trailblazers 6238 (E-25)47/12/242024 MNF ONC SUPPORTCA-MNF
Clearwater Fire Support 8900 (E-10)57/12/242024 ONC StagingCA-ONCC
Big State Wildfire 5073 (E-24)57/13/242024 MNF ONC SUPPORTCA-MNF
Big State Wildfire 5074 (E-49)67/14/24Graff PointUT-CDC
Idaho Trailblazers 1594 (E-50)67/14/24Graff PointUT-CDC
Idaho Heatseeker 4186 (E-46)67/15/24Graff PointUT-CDC
Idaho Heatseeker 2522 (E-48)67/15/24Graff PointUT-CDC
Idaho Trailblazers 4242 (E-6.3)47/16/24Spring ValleyNV-EFKX
Ryan Flores 9308 (E-6.4)67/16/24Spring ValleyNV-EFKX
Name Type Date Fire Name Unit
Stockmens Rentals & Sales 1750-A (E-6.5)27/16/24Spring ValleyNV-EFKX
Water Tenders
Name Type Date Fire Name Unit
Idaho Trailblazers 4153 (E-6.6)27/16/24SpringNV-EFKX
Misc Equip
Name Type Date Fire Name Unit
Spence Industrial 2858 (E-111)REF37/10/24Silver King7/26/24
A.L. Brinkoetter 6340 (E-175)GRD27/17/24Silver King8/2/24
Updated: 19-Jul-2024 9:19:55